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his story
KATO Comicshop
-  History -

In November 2008 Alexa D!Saster opened a Comic-Corner-Shop called KATO in the Karoviertel district of Hamburg. In her beautiful shop, she offered KATO-Specials, like the 'Hamburg Ecke' - a red bookshelf with comics, music and other tiny cheap-art from local Artists.
Because of monthly events at KATO - like exhibitions, concerts and theme parties - the shop became more and more a cultural meeting place. KATO turned from a shop into an amorphous project.

Unfortunately Alexa had problems with local authorities from the very beginning, resulting in her not receiving the financial support for her business that she should have been entitled to.
In January 2010, more than one year after the shop was founded, she lost an important lawsuit and had to realize that she could no longer afford to keep the KATO-Comicshop running. She terminated the contract (at the end of March) and tried to find ways to rescue the KATO project.

- Exile -

After a growing amount of KATO-sympathisers and supporters and a few strokes of luck, the beautiful Gängeviertel invited KATO and Alexa D!Saster to
and be a part of their community!

The formerly KATO-Comicshop changed into a
Comic - Music - Event & More Project and is domiciled in the Gängeviertel.

Since July 2010 KATO was domiciled in the district of Gängeviertel.

Every Thursday from 15-20 h opened the KATO Comic-Café.

One could read Comics while drinking tea or coffee or just slacking around in the comfortable seating-accommodation and small-talk to Alexa D!saster.

One or two times a month KATO was creating nice events like readings, concerts, theme parties, movie nights...



Alexa D!saster moved recently to Berlin... TO BE CONTINUED!

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his story
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